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Reclosers and Controls

3ph-Recloser-with-Internal-Automatic circuit reclosers are recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing maximum continuity of electric service to their customers simply and economically. Reclosers sense and interrupt fault currents and automatically restore service after momentary outage. The automatic circuit recloser is essentially a self-contained device with the necessary intelligence to sense overcurrents to time and interrupt fault currents, and to re-energize the line by reclosing automatically. If a fault is permanent, the recloser locks open after a preset number of operations (usually three or four), isolating the faulted section from the main part of the system.

Major classifying features of automatic circuit reclosers are:

  • Single-phase or Three-phase
  • Interrupters: Oil or Vacuum
  • Control: Hydraulic or Electronic
  • Insulation: Oil, Air, or Epoxy



NOVA1_recloserSingle-Phase Reclosers


Single-phase reclosers are used to protect single-phase lines such as branches or  taps of a three-phase feeder. They can also be used on three-phase  circuits where the load is predominantly single phase. Thus, when a  permanent phase-to-ground fault occurs, one phase can be locked-out  while service is maintained to the remaining two-thirds of the system.


Three-Phase Reclosers6HRecloser


There are various types of three-phase reclosers available to satisfy  multiple applications at the most economical cost. They are used as main breakers three phase feeders for substations with rating up to 1200  amps and 20 KA and also for distribution feeders to segment the feeder  into multiple zones of protection.


NOVA_STS_LTriple-Single Reclosers


Triple-single reclosers have three modes of operation: Three-phase  trip/Three-phase  lockout; Single-phase trip/Three-phase lockout, and  Single-phase  trip/Single-phase lockout.


The intelligence that enables a recloser to sense overcurrents, select  timing operation, time the tripping and reclosing functions, and finally lockout is provided by the recloser control. There are two basic types  of control schemes used: an integral hydraulic control or an electronic  control located in a separate cabinet.

Recloser-Hydraulic-ControlHydraulic Controls


Hydraulic recloser control is used in most single-phase reclosers and in  three-phase recloser types 6H and V6H. It is built as an integral part  of the recloser. With this type of control, an overcurrent is sensed by a trip coil that is connected in series with the line.

Electronic Controls


Kyle-6-Recloser-ControlKyle electronic recloser controls are used in most three-phase reclosers and in the single-phase recloser types VXE and NOVA1. Compared with the  hydraulic control, they are more flexible, more easily customized and  programmed, and many have advanced protection, metering, and automation  functionality.

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