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RM Reps Co. supports a wide variety of end users in nearly all commercial and industrial applications in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Oil and Gas

As a significant resource in our service territory, oil and gas customers make up the bulk of our business.  While both environmental and political legislations evolve, so does the approach to oil and gas production.  This lends to increased electrical system demands and complexity, and as a result, we have become a well know name in the industry.

Solar and Wind

With increasing population, there is an obvious increase in electricity demand.  Renewable energy schemes such as solar and wind generation aim to offset this increased demand, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  In turn, this helps diversify our nation's energy portfolio, and RM Reps Co. can provide support in nearly avenue. 

To accompany the large amount of raw resources in Colorado and Wyoming, there is a significant number engineering firms in our area that we work with on a regular basis during project design and procurement.


With some of the largest open pit mines in the world located nearby, there are always system update and expansion projects in queue.  Given the high number of inductive loads for ventilation, conveyor systems, etc., there are always opportunities to improve the power quality, and reduce system harmonics. 

On these types of opportunities, RM Reps Co. works organize power quality  studies, and aides in the process of capacitor bank or harmonic filter design. For general system needs, RM Reps Co. provides and specifies transformers, switchgear, and variable frequency drives.

Many more

While the above account for the majority of business, nearly all commercial and industrial projects require some assessment of the the power system, and RM Reps Co. has the capacity to service a multitude of requests.  Recent projects include:
  • Parking garage construction
  • Local hospital expansion
  • Local university expansion
  • Compressor station for an oil and gas customer
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Fax: (888) 902-9020
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